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Press & Journal 13th January 2012 Your Job
Press & Journal 13th January 2012 Your Job

Martin Finnie, Chief Executive Officer of Aberdeen – based recruitment specialists Infinity Resources International offers a solution to the problem of recruiting engineers in the Oil and Gas market.


For Oil and Gas companies that hit a snag when it comes to filling positions in a particular area of their business, the answer lies in taking their approach beyond conventional recruitment practices. What is required is getting to the root of the problem. Businesses typically take a one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment, using the same tried-and-tested methods to fill the posts across their organisation.

For the most part that works well, but – crucially – it doesn’t take into account the specific nuances associated with some individual disciplines.

Those nuances often become snags: issues that consistently make it difficult for businesses to find the right people, with the right skill sets, who want to join them.

The key to overcoming this obstacle lies in understanding where they are going wrong in the recruitment process, in appreciating the reasons why they consistently struggle to bring the right people on board, and retain their services in the long term.

In recent months we have completed an analysis project for a client that had toiled for some time to recruit much-needed new resources in a particular engineering discipline that formed a core part of its service offering. They did not fully understand why, and we helped them undertake a detailed study to pinpoint the factors involved.

As a priority, we researched the market perception on our client. This is always a critical factor for an individual company.

How it is perceived as an employer, its rates and conditions, prospects for development, opportunities to work further afield, the workplace culture – all serve to shape its reputation in the wider industry, and hence among prospective employees.

It’s an issue that is magnified in a compact oil and gas community such as Aberdeen, where you can face very real and direct recruitment problems if the wrong messages are circulating about your organisation. As well as the market perception exercise, we also mapped the resources available locally in terms of the work discipline involved.

We used the outcomes of those processes, along with our own knowledge of prevailing industry factors and broader recruitment trends, to identify where the problems lay. That provided the basis for the preparation of a medium to long-term strategy to overcome them.

The work wasn’t strategic: we arranged a networking event to raise the profile of the client in the specialist arena involved. And, of course, we helped in terms of delivering the short-term solution – using our core recruitment services to find the right people for the client, here and now. The client delivered very positive feedback on the results of the project.

It’s important to remember that such issues are only going to become more acute for the upstream oil and gas industry because of the well-acknowledged workforce demographic challenges it faces.

In essence, it’s an analytical approach that embraces the principles of management consultancy and applies them specifically to staffing.

It’s about deploying external expertise to take a fresh, professional look at the issues at play, and to understand where the remedies lie: to fix a broken part of a company’s recruitment strategy.





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